THE DARKNESS singer on JON BON JOVI’s vocal issues: “People around him have to tell him to stop”

DARKNESS singer justin hawkin weighed on Jon Bon Jovipendant vocal performances BON JOVIfrom the recent US tour which kicked off April 2 in Omaha, Nebraska. The tour was in support of the album “2020”released in October of the same year.

The 47-year-old British-born rocker, who currently lives in Switzerland, offered his assessment of Jonthe ability to sing through sound Youtube series “Justin Hawkins Rides Again” where he shares a mix of serious musician analysis and funny takes to his 120,000 subscribers.

After watching some videos filmed by fans of BON JOVIof the 2022 tour, Hawkins said in part (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “My career is not as long as Jon Bon Jovi‘s, and not as big too. Even at the level that we’ve had, if you’re in a situation like that and you can’t deliver the goods and you can’t give your audience what they deserve, that’s horrible – it’s is a horrible feeling – and you don’t like turning around in that state; you just want to go home. And I expect him to feel the same way, really. But there must be a huge machine around BON JOVI it prevents him from being able to unplug it, really, which I think has to happen. I mean, I’m not talking about pulling the plug forever.

“Looks like he needs some kind of therapy,” justin continued. “And I think most of the time a situation like that… It doesn’t sound like a polyp or some kind of bump on his vocal cords because it would be more unpredictable – he would hit the notes and then it would squeal and it would do something unexpected. You know that kind of sound when you enter puberty and your voice becomes unpredictable. Sometimes when you have a lump or bump on your vocal cords, it can cause that kind of… things happen to your voice, even if you are an experienced singer and can just hold a note, it creaks when you don’t expect it, and it’s very difficult to sing. those things. But that’s not what’s happening here. Looks like he’s super tired. All the things [tuned] down, but he’s still… You have to sing a lot with an adjusted pitch like that to find the kind of muscle memory in your vocal cords anyway, but he’s struggling with that, not because it’s low ; it’s just because he’s tired. And I think he’s psychologically… I don’t know… Sounds like something he’s going to need therapy for – actually talk to someone and try to get the performances back. It doesn’t look like there’s any damage in there. I’m not a doctor but I’ve had voice problems before. And holding a note when it’s not in key suggests pitch issues that could also be hearing-related.

“It’s not fun to watch that and it’s not fun to consider one of the greatest. He’s a great singer – he always has been – but it seems like something is eating him away. ‘inside. And I don’t think it’s a voice injury; I think it’s more something like a manifestation of performance anxiety preventing him from delivering his mega Gale Force 10 voice that you need on these huge tracks, these anthemic mega hits and I feel like people around him have to tell him to stop it must be hard when… I guess if you’re scared of getting fired , I guess it’s hard to talk to a singer that way I don’t know what the dynamic of their organization is, but I think if I worked for Jon Bon Jovi and I cared about the “brand” I would ask him to consider canceling the tour and seeing a doctor.

“It saddens me to see him” justin added. “I’m sure we’re all disappointed.”

In his review of BON JOVIApril 3 concert at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Ross Raihala from Pioneer Press called Jonthe voice of “surprisingly poor”, adding that Bon Jovi “struggled throughout the two-plus hour show. He wasn’t just butchering the older stuff, which the band now plays in a lower key, but also the new material… Frankly, it was as if he had forgotten how to sing.”

Theoden Janes from The Charlotte Observer was a bit kinder in its assessment of Jonduring the fourth concert of the new tour, which took place at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 8. In his review of the performance, Janes wrote: “Throughout the band’s rendition of the 2004 promotional single “The radio saved my life tonight”I had the impression [Jon] was looking for the right note and only found it 60-70% of the time. During every megahit chorus ‘You give love a bad name’, he seemed to unintentionally sing a little behind the beat, and besides, there wasn’t much punch in his voice – yet he sounded inexplicably breathless in places. On another great hymn — ‘It’s my life’ – he was once again very clearly veering in and out of the key. And those were just three of the first five songs.”

Kevin Coffey saw again BON JOVItour kick-off concert for Omaha World-Herald and noted that “[Jon‘s] the weight of the voice, which carried refrains of songs like ‘Living on a Prayer’ and ‘It’s my life’ is now reed. He looks slim. There’s not much tone in his voice. He can’t quite hit the notes… Luckily for Jon Bon Jovihe had the help of six additional musicians and their considerable vocal abilities to keep him afloat.”

BON JOVIThe group’s recent tour marked the group’s first series of large-scale shows in the pandemic era. nicknamed simply “Bon Jovi 2022 Tour”the 15-date trek ended April 30 in Nashville.

After BON JOVIThe 2020 summer tour was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 60-year-old singer has remained in the public eye by performing at benefit shows, live stream concerts and performing in promotional appearances.

Last October, Jon Bon Jovi canceled his appearance at a Miami Beach concert after testing positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The singer, believed to be fully vaccinated, pulled out of the fan event minutes before he was supposed to take the stage for an acoustic Halloween performance at Loews South Beach.

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