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Taylor Swift ‘1989’ & ‘Speak Now’ Fan Theories for May 13 – Billboard

The Swifties have proven time and time again that they make great detectives – and it looks like they’re onto something again.

In case you need a reminder, Taylor Swift isn’t your average international pop star. Apart from her killer singing, writing and performing abilities, she is also keen on leaving Easter eggs in her music, interviews and social media posts. What started as a cute way to connect with his fans by leaving hidden messages in the lyric books of his albums has grown into a full-scale operation. Fans watch everything she does with a keen eye because even the simplest thing can have a double meaning (i.e. it confirmed she posted seven palms the day she finished her seventh album, Lover, even before the announcement of the album. YES.).

His most recent hints surround re-recordings of his album. So far, she has released her versions of Without fear followed by Red, as well as several new vault tracks that were written in their respective eras. Since Red (Taylor’s version) dropped in November 2021, she hasn’t confirmed what re-recording will follow, but fans have their theories. While fans have been banging their heads for months over whether they think Speak Now (Taylor Version) or 1989 (Taylor’s version) comes next, plenty of evidence suggests we may be getting both at the same time – and sooner than you think.

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Check out a roundup of the biggest theories below.

Why the next re-record (or re-records?) could be announced on May 13

In April 2021, Swift made an interesting appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. On the surface, it seemed to promote her version of “Hey Stephen,” from her Without fear album, but fans immediately noticed that it was less of an interview and more of a skit filled with Easter eggs.

She mentions a fake address, “513 West 54th St.”, as well as Colbert’s birthday, which is May 13.

Additionally, his video for “I Bet You Think About Me”, a vault song by Red (Taylor’s version)also seems to have hinted at the date:

Why 1989 could be his next re-recording

Swift’s appearance on The late show was filled with New York references — and her 2014 album opened with a song called “Welcome to New York.”

The cake in the “I Bet You Think About Me” video apparently has another clue:

Its official store also seems to have had a clue:

After releasing his latest single “This Love (Taylor’s Version)”, a song originating from 1989she wrote that she was “re-living the 1989 tour”.

Why Speak Now could be his next re-recording

Swift seems to have once again used the album price to signal something: Red (Taylor’s version) was listed in his store for $20.10 and in purple text (Speak Now originally released in 2010 and on the cover she dons a purple dress).

Her emblem as a global ambassador for Record Store Day could also have used the color purple strategically:

She posted a TikTok in November 2021 that fans think references Speak NowThe main song about being in love with someone getting married and speaking up at the wedding. The song opens: “I’m not the kind of girl / Who should rudely barge in on a whiteout occasion / But you’re not the kind of boy / Who should marry the wrong girl.”

Plus, that story is exactly what the “I Bet You Think Of Me” video is about.

Blake Lively, Swift’s friend and director of the music video, posted a photo on Instagram with the caption “Not much going on at the moment.” Swift has used this same caption before: notably, while recording her surprise 2021 project folklore. In Lively’s photo, she stands in front of the third urinal and Speak Now is Swift’s third studio album.

Why both 1989 and Speak Now could fall simultaneously

In September 2021, Swift did a duet on a TikTok congratulating Shania Twain on moving from country to pop, which is the trajectory she’s also been on. Speak Now was his last full-length country album, while 1989 was her first full-length pop album. Additionally, several versions of Twain’s At the top! the album was released, including country and pop versions.

The icing on the cake? Taylor Nation (Swift’s official fan page) has unveiled “The Old Taylor” merchandise collection, featuring odes to both albums.

So will Swift shock the world with another surprise fall this Friday? Only time will tell.

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