Scream 2022 Stars Return for Sequel

Scream 2022 Stars Return for Sequel

Scream's masked killer, Ghostface, stands in front of someone's prone body, holding a knife.

Ghostface is ready to try and kill those pesky kids again.
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the Presage prequel found its director. Westworld season 4 adds another big name to its list. The boys‘College Supes spin-off got another cast shakeup. Additionally, Syfy is undoing undoes Surreal Estateand the CW is still trying to make that Powerpuff Girls Pin up. Spoiler now!

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Cry 6

Variety reports Scream 2022 stars Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding and Jenna Ortega are all confirmed to return Cry 6.

The first omen

Deadline also reports Arkasha Stevenson (Legion, New Cherry Flavor, Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block) will make his feature debut with The first omen, an official prequel to the 1976 original co-written with Tim Smith. Plot details are not available at this time.

John Wick, Chapter 4

In conversation with THRChad Stahelski has revealed that the next John Wick film is “designed in reverse” to “find new and interesting ways to have [the character] to suffer.”

We keep finding new and interesting ways to make John Wick suffer. That’s where the action comes from. Figure out how to make it suffer, then design upside down.

Jurassic World: Dominion

A official Jurassic World: Dominion linking website lets you track escaped dinosaurs around the world by species.

The passenger

Unaware that she is patient zero of the zombie apocalypse, a group of carpool strangers rush woman who can control her own bowels to hospital after running her over with a Winnebago in the trailer for The passengercoming to VOD on June 28.


According to TV lineAriana DeBose (West Side Story) joined the cast of Westworld‘s fourth season in a currently undisclosed role.


Weekly entertainment reports that Devon Sawa will play a third “all-new character” in chuckyfrom the second season, following the deaths of the first season’s twin brothers, Logan and Lucas Wheeler. The announcement is said to come from a letter to Sawa written by Chucky himself.

Dear Gavin Sawa, I hope this email finds you well, I just want you to know that the only reason you are here is because I authorized it. Happy Season 2. Love, Chucky. PS Just kidding, you suck.

Untitled The Boys Spinoff

Meanwhile, Mortaline reports London Thor has replaced Reina Hardesty in upcoming superhero-focused spinoff The boys. Derek Luh, Asa Germann and Shelley Conn also joined the cast in undisclosed roles.

The boys

Along the same lines, the gang dresses up as exterminators in a new pic from season three.

Surreal Estate

In an unprecedented move, Syfy has ‘uncancelled’ Surreal Estate. A third season is expected to air next year. [TV Line]

shining valley

Starz has also renewed shining valley for a second season. [Spoiler TV]

The Powerpuff Girls

According to TV linethe CW live action Powerpuff Girls “is still at a stage of redevelopment” of the network.


The last three episodes of LegacyThe fourth season will now air next month between June 2 and June 16.

Aquaman: King of Atlantis

Cartoon Network will air the Aquaman: King of Atlantis HBO Max miniseries May 14 at 4 p.m.


To finish, KSiteTVGenericName has a new poster and synopsis for the fourth season of Roswellpremiering June 6 on The CW.

With Liz Ortecho (Jeanine Mason) and Max Evans (Nathan Dean) finally able to beat Max’s clone, Mr. Jones, at the end of Season 3, it seems like a little happiness awaits them at last. Little do they know, a new threat emerges in Careyes, Mexico when a naked alien is brought to an American scientist (Shiri Appleby) in a nearby canteen. As this mysterious new alien is on a collision course with our heroes, we’ll find that Mr. Jones may be gone, but his dastardly plan for two worlds may well live on.

Meanwhile, our couples contemplate new crossroads and definitions of their relationships. A new mystery that mimics the 1947 Roswell crash forces Alex Manes (Tyler Blackburn) and Michael Guerin (Michael Vlamis) to balance personal goals and undercover work. Maria’s (Heather Hemmens) potential cure for her regenerative disease comes with a shocking twist; and Dallas (Quentin Pilar), Isobel (Lily Cowles), and Kyle (Michael Trevino) envision new layers of how their families might all be connected.

All of these new revelations unfold as our sleepy town of Roswell, New Mexico is awakened by a daring broad daylight bank robbery where mysteriously not a single dollar is hit. But what was caught may well shed new light on the 1947 crash and Max Evans’ true purpose all along.

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