Recap of Episode 3, 'Overkill' - The Candy and Allan Case

Recap of Episode 3, ‘Overkill’ – The Candy and Allan Case

In Candy Episode 3 on Hulu, Candy Montgomery’s (Jessica Biel) affair with Allan Gore (Pablo Schreiber) ends as methodically as it began. Meanwhile, Betty Gore (Melanie Lynskey) is pregnant with Allan’s second child in the third episode of the true crime drama. Candy’s friend, Sherry (Jessie Mueller), has the best line of the episode when she discovers Candy and Allan. The producers describe the entire episode in two months of information, starting with Candy and Allan’s affair.

‘Candy’ episode 3 recap on Hulu: Candy Montgomery and Allan Gore begin their affair

Episode 3 of Candy on Hulu begins with a poster of the pros and cons of Candy and Allan’s affair. Although Allan is still on the fence about it, he finally agrees when he finds out that Betty is pregnant again. Candy prepares a meal after her husband, Pat (Timothy Simons), leaves for work and brings it to hotel room 204 in old-fashioned Tupperware containers. Allan hesitates when he arrives but enters to find Candy in a red nightgown. He sees the meal she has prepared and immediately sits down to eat. He complains about Betty as they share a meal and finally makes a move.

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