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Patrick Stewart shares his one regret about Picard’s second season

Star Trek: Picard star Patrick Stewart divulges his only concern about how Picard’s arc was handled during the second season of the Paramount+ series.

Star Trek: Picard Star Sir Patrick Stewart has shared his one major regret about the sci-fi series’ second season.

Stewart revealed his only apprehension of picard Season 2 in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “My only regret is that once Jean-Luc [Picard] revealed these hidden facts about his childhood to us, I almost wish we could immediately put him back on the bridge of the Enterprise to hear and see the impact this revelation had on him. But we couldn’t do that,” he said.

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“There are so many emotional complexities in this whole series that we haven’t investigated very much into it. The next generation“, Stewart added. “I grew up in an abusive home and over the years, through a lot of very expensive American therapies, that’s something I think I’ve come to terms with. But the harm he could do while he was compressed and kept away and held back and unrecognized, it was very dark. I realized it was the same with Jean-Luc.”

While Stewart was unable to return to the deck of the USS Enterprise in picard Season 2, the veteran actor will reunite with many of his former costars in the show’s third and final season. Paramount+ recently confirmed that LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner will all resume their Star Trek: The Next Generation roles in picard Season 3. How these new additions to the show’s cast of characters will factor into the plot is not yet known.

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Stewart talked about working alongside his The next generation co-starred again in another interview, describing it as a very enjoyable experience. “I’ve been with Gates and Marina and Jonathan and Brent and LeVar and Michael, and those days have been wonderful,” Stewart said. “I think it’s hard for directors because we laugh so much!”

By comparison, the acclaimed comedian’s experiences filming picard Season 2 wasn’t always so positive. Stewart confirmed that Picard’s voice sounded different in the final two episodes of the season due to the practical smoke effects used during filming. “Anytime smoke is used on stage…it gets into the vocal cords,” Stewart explained. “I particularly suffer a lot from it. And it made me a little hoarse. So, at the beginning, we were going to re-record a lot of what I said [in Episodes 9 and 10]but i insisted [executive producer] Akiva [Goldsman] and my fellow producers for not doing that because the weakness of my voice reflected the weakness of the character.”

Star Trek: Picard Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Paramount+. Season 3 does not yet have a release date.

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