New Blood Hardcover Revealed (EXCLUSIVE)

New Blood Hardcover Revealed (EXCLUSIVE)

Overwatch: Dark Horse Comics’ New Blood hardcover collection will include an Amanda Shank cover art featuring a handful of heroes.

Warning! Spoilers for Overwatch: New Blood from Dark Horse Comics

In a new hardcover collection from Dark Horse Comics, Overwatch: New Blood gets a stunning new cover from Amanda Shank, highlighting the team’s newest recruits. We can exclusively reveal to you the cover of the Overwatch: New Blood Shank’s hardcover, which features Cassidy, Baptiste, Zarya, Pharah, and D.VA, as a new era of Surveillance the team starts.

Surveillance is a 6v6 team-based shooter video game from Blizzard Entertainment, where players choose a combination of heroes in different roles to complete goals and win matches. Surveillance is known for its extensive lore, as Blizzard has released digital shorts featuring its heroes, books, and comics that delve deeper into the team’s history and what brought them together with Talon. In the Dark Horse Comics miniseries Overwatch: New Blood by Ray Fawkes and Irene Koh, Cassidy attempts to recruit new members to the Overwatch team. For those who want to collect the miniseries into one collection, the five-issue comic is about to get a new hardcover edition.


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Screen Rant can exclusively share the new cover for the upcoming Overwatch: New Blood collection of Dark Horse Comics. Amanda Shank’s cover art features Cassidy overlooking her recruits from each issue of the series. From left to right, the characters Pharah, Baptiste, Zarya and D.VA are visible in the smoke from Cassidy’s cigar. The cover art does a great job of showing what the miniseries is all about and showcases the heroes who are new blood for the iteration of the Surveillance crew.

The timing of the collection couldn’t be better, because Surveillance 2 is about to launch and put the game back in the spotlight. First, the free 5v5 sequel will feature new heroes including Sojourn and Junker Queen, six new maps, a new game mode, 30 new skins (including a new rarity called Mythic), and like many recent games it will feature a battle pass for the first time. The second season of Overwatch 2 is already well teased, as a new tank hero, map, skins, and battle pass will be part of the updates. Additionally, in 2023, the new paid PVE mode will be introduced along with a plethora of new in-game content.

For those who want to know more about the recruits of Overwatch: Bad Blood, the hardcover collection of the miniseries featuring new Dark Horse Comics Amanda Shank cover, hits comic book stores on Match 1, 2023, and will arrive in bookstores March 14, 2023.

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