Mitski sets the record straight on phones on shows in revealing interview

Mitski sets the record straight on phones on shows in revealing interview

The current problem of Hello presents an interview with Mythical, which sets the record straight on fans filming entire sets during live shows. It comes after a thread she shared, then deleted, on Twitter in February, where she wrote how it “makes me feel like we’re not here together” when she saw fans filming from large parts of its broadcasts.

In the recent Hello interview, Mitski said it was “naive” for her to post about it on Twitter, and that she “never said I was against phones at shows – since I’ve been performing professionally, people are recording and taking watch photos, so that’s always been part of the experience.” She added that she was only referring to those filming the entire show and explained how disheartening it was “to be on stage and see a sea of ​​landline phones sitting in storage and obscure faces for entire shows”.

Along with discussing how she felt relieved to perform in venues with bleachers because she would know “at least more than the front two rows would see the set,” Mitski said it was a “mistake to share his thoughts on Twitter because “people picked and picked parts of sentences that helped deepen their own arguments. Some ignored every word and just used me to pitch different arguments.” Mitski explained how his tweets were used in “online fights about race, gender, sexuality, generational divides,” and also pointed out that the posts used “clickbait headlines insinuating that I am completely against phones on shows, this which of course galvanized people either side.”

Mitski said the most disheartening part of the reactions “was people saying, ‘We’re paying for the show, so we’ll do what we want, and you can’t say anything about that. “” While Mitski agreed that she is “providing a service in exchange for income”, she said she felt “sad to be directly informed by people with whom I hope to share my heart, that to them I am a product they bought for the night, and they will do what they want with me while they have me.”

In addition to expressing that she performs to “feel connected with other human beings,” Mitski said it was “sad to get on stage and now to be aware that for some people I’m a dancing monkey in front of me, and I better start dancing fast so they can get the content they’re paying for.”

Earlier this month, Mitski’s team shared a Tweeter about her feelings about being on tour with Harry Styles, where she said, “I’m learning so much already, I feel like I got a scholarship!”

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