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Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Photo Set Spoils Key Location

Despite Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 being just under a year away, the upcoming trio is still on the tip of many fans’ tongues. The James Gunn MCU epic has just wrapped filming and will now begin the lengthy post-production process. We don’t know much about Flight. 3 except it’s marked as the darkest of Guardians trilogy and will be the last time fans see this version of the Interstellar Team.

The iconic misfit gang will return aboard the Benatar in Guardians 3, with new addition Adam Warlock (played by Will Poulter) joining in on the fun.


It’s been teased that the next Marvel movie will dive deep into Rocket Raccoon’s backstory, where he was subjected to gruesome and gruesome experimentation. Counter-Earth’s inclusion has yet to be officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, but some recent photos appear to justify his appearance in the film.

A counter-earth confirmation for Guardians 3

Marvel’s Counter-Earth

By means of some recently revealed photos of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 together, The Cosmic Circus confirmed the inclusion of Counter-Earth in the upcoming film.

This set of newly leaked images features an alien language that The Cosmic Circus has destroyed. The first contains the word “Counter” sporting a police car, adding more weight to rumors about Counter-Earth’s role in the film’s story.


This same language may be elsewhere on the exterior of buildings in these plans.

This planet has been seen in film set footage in the past, populated by strange animal hybrids.

Welcome to Counter-Earth

If there was any question that Counter-Earth would be part of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, those doubts will definitely be shattered with these images. Research by The Cosmic Circus to uncover animal hybrids and the related world of High Evolutionary has seemingly confirmed that Rocket Racoon’s story will be explored in the upcoming threequel.


James Gunn has hinted in the past that Vol.3 will be the darkest and most tragic of the trilogy, and if Counter-Earth is one of them, then surely it will be. Counter-Earth is closely tied to High Evolutionary who are directly responsible for the experiments that made Rocket the bipedal, weathered raccoon that he is. While not the exact location where Rocket was experimented on, in the comics it is where many similar tests take place.

Rocket comes from a pretty grizzly and traumatic past, which will play well if this is in fact the darkest of Guardians movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in theaters May 5, 2023.


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