Green Lantern Variant Determines Who Is Hal Jordan's Greatest Ally

Green Lantern Variant Determines Who Is Hal Jordan’s Greatest Ally

Between Flash and Green Arrow, one of them must get closer to his mutual friend, Green Lantern. His multiversal variant reveals Hal’s closest ally.

A multiversal pendant to The Green Lantern revealed which hero is actually the hero’s closest compatriot. Green Arrow and the Flash can both consider themselves Hal Jordan’s best friend, but one is closer to the Lantern according to their Earth-36 equivalents.

Green Lantern being a popular guy isn’t a huge surprise. When the Justice League was first formed, Barry Allen and Hal had the strongest bond of any member, often teaming up outside of the League. When Barry and Hal returned after their individual “rebirths”, they resumed their old friendship without wasting any time. But Green Lantern and Green Arrow spent quite a bit of time together in Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams’ classic adventures. The “Hard-Travelling Heroes” formed a lasting friendship brought on by their shared exposure to societal injustices.


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Needless to say, Green Lantern has a number of close allies. But a glimpse into the multiverse may have shed some light on who Jordan’s biggest confidant is. The Multiversity #1 by Grant Morrison and Ivan Reis features a band of heroes gathered from the far reaches of the DCU to battle an evil invader known as the Gentry. As the heroes wonder who brought them together, President Calvin Ellis, the superman of Earth-23, takes it upon himself to hatch a plan. Superman meets Red Racer of Earth-36, a Flash analogue who helps the President realize that each hero’s worlds appear as comic books on other Earths. As the resident comic geek, Red Racer signs up to help investigate Gentry’s invasion across the multiverse. But Flashlight, Earth-36’s Green Lantern and Red Racer’s boyfriend, begs him not to go. Red Racer assures Flashlight that he will be fine before leaving with the group of heroes.

DC Comics Red Racer Multiversity Flashlight

This isn’t the first time a Variant has fallen for a Hal Jordan ally. The Antimatter universe counterparts of Green Lantern and Sinestro were also related to each other. Although Barry and Hal never had romantic feelings for each other, the shared love between Red Racer and Flashlight hints that the bond between the heroes of Prime Earth runs very deep. Green Lantern and Flash have a lot in common. Not only do they have a shared history as members of the Justice League, but they are also members of law enforcement. Barry and Hal also share similar traumatic childhood events, with Barry losing his mother and Hal losing his father. Conversely, the friendship between Green Lantern and Green Arrow was often defined by their difference. Hal was the peacekeeper according to the books while Oliver was the anti-system rebel. They became good friends, sure, but Barry and Hal were practically kindred spirits from the start.

The Green Lantern may not have the romantic relationship Flashlight had, but he certainly has a close ally in the Flash.

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