Eva Mendes' return to acting: no violence or sexuality

Eva Mendes’ return to acting: no violence or sexuality

Eva Mendes has announced the potential end of her nearly decade-long hiatus. The actor hasn’t starred in a feature film since a small supporting role in co-star Ryan Gosling’s 2014 directing effort “Lost River,” although she lent her voice to a role in one episode. from 2021 of “Bluey” on ABC Kids. Mendes appeared on “The View” and said his potential return to the game would have specific requirements.

“I have such a short list of what I’m going to do, with four kids,” Mendes said (via Weekly entertainment). “I mean, if it was a fun project. But now I won’t do violence anymore, I don’t want sex anymore, the list is short.

‘The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin asked Mendes if she would end her acting hiatus if a ‘special project’ came her way that met all of her requirements, to which the actor replied. : “I hope so.”

Mendes’ last starring role in a film was the 2012 drama “Girl in Progress,” directed by Patricia Riggen. The Lionsgate release only made $3 million at the box office. That same year, Mendes had supporting roles in such critical favorites as Derek Cianfrance’s “The Place Beyond the Pines” and Leos Carax’s Cannes stunner “Holy Motors.” Mendes’ last live-action TV role was a supporting role in Larry David’s 2013 HBO original film, “Clear History.”

Rumors have swirled that Mendes could return to the “Fast and Furious” franchise now that production is underway on the final two-part installment. Mendes debuted as Monica Fuentes in the 2003 sequel “2 Fast Furious” and reprized the character for an uncredited appearance in “Fast Five” in 2011. Filming for “Fast X” is underway with the filmmaker Louis Leterrier behind the camera, replacing original director Justin Lin. Mendes is not attached to the stars.

During her almost decade-long hiatus from acting, Mendes kept busy with various fashion and beauty projects. She shares two daughters with Gosling.

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