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Ashley Judd pays tribute to her mother Naomi Judd in her Mother’s Day essay – Billboard

Humanitarian, actress and writer Ashley Judd pays tribute to her late mother, Country Music Hall of Famer and half of The Judds country music duo, Naomi Judd, who died Saturday at age 76.

Ashley wrote an essay for USA today to spend her first Mother’s Day without her mother and to “make motherhood safe and healthy”. The actor is also a global goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund, which is dedicated to advancing sexual and reproductive health agency, as well as ending gender-based violence.

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In the play, Judd called his mother Naomi a ‘legend’, adding: ‘She was an artist and a storyteller, but she had to fight like hell to overcome the hand that was dealt to her, to earn her place in the story. She shouldn’t have fought so hard to share her gifts with the world.

On Sunday, May 1, just a day after Naomi Judd passed away, Ashley stood alongside her sister Wynonna in a tear-filled ceremony as the Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Ricky Skaggs put the Hall of Fame medallion around Wynonna’s neck, while Ashley held the medallion meant for Naomi.

“This Sunday is abruptly, shockingly, my first Mother’s Day without my mom,” Judd wrote in the essay. “She passed away just hours before her peers at the Country Music Hall of Fame could show her how much they valued her. She passed away days before my sister and I could show her how much we love her again. and honor him. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I was supposed to visit him on Sunday, to give him a box of old-fashioned candy, our family tradition. We were supposed to bask in the sweet presence of each other. on the other. Instead, I am unmoored. But my heart is not empty. It is filled with gratitude for what she left behind. Her upbringing and her tenderness, her music and her memory.

Judd also expressed that alongside this gratitude, “My heart is also filled with something else. Incandescent fury. Because my mother was stolen from me by the disease of mental illness, by the wounds she has from a life of injustice that began when she was a girl. Because she was a girl. My mom was an amazing parent under duress: she showed my sister and me the power of having a voice and use it, and there was no greater lesson. But motherhood happened to her without her consent. She experienced an unwanted pregnancy at 17, and it led her down a path familiar to so many teenage mothers, including poverty and gender-based violence.

Ashley also shared several statistics regarding childbirth and motherhood, including that “Every day, more than 800 women die in pregnancy and childbirth from causes for which solutions are affordable and achievable.” She also noted that the United States has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the developed world.

at Ashley’s USA today the article concluded: “This Mother’s Day, I choose to honor my mom for the person she was, a mother and so much more. And I ask you to honor your own mother, if you are lucky enough to have her. Honor her for more than her labor and sacrifice. Honor her for her talents and her dreams. Honor her by demanding a world where motherhood, everywhere, is safe, healthy – and chosen.

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