Action Bronson Interview: 'Cocodrillo Turbo', Turning Down 'Uncut Gems'

Action Bronson Interview: ‘Cocodrillo Turbo’, Turning Down ‘Uncut Gems’

If a sign of a genuine New Yorker is doing pro runs all over town, then consider Action Bronson to be Uncut Gems“Howard Ratner. He’s always on the move. When we were supposed to meet for the first time for this interview, I made the mistake of arriving fifteen minutes late, and Bronson was firm with me. “Give me back service next time, don’t be late,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of meetings. I’m always on the go. From New Yorker to New Yorker, I had to take my balls and respect his scramble.

When we meet again, it’s the day of the exit for Turbo Crocodile, his best project in years. We’re not hanging out at the studio today, though. That would be too simple for a guy with as many interests and businesses as Bronson. Scents, food and acting aren’t just side notes of a career as a rap veteran, they’re expansive aspects of a man who understands the wonders of life. When people say someone is more than just a rapper, it often works as a backhanded compliment, as if a rapper doesn’t have a deep enough career to stand out on their own. However, with Bronson, it’s not just a slick statement, it goes to the heart of his personality, and even his music. He’s a cook and one of the most public representatives of New York’s effervescent culinary culture. He knows where the best Dim Sum spots are in Flushing, as well as the Italian spot where New York gives Carmine Lupertazzi’s The Sopranos would pragmatically hold talks with the glorified New Jersey crew.

Due to his Albanian and Jewish heritage (the Queen-raised entertainer calls himself a “kitten”), he knows the city’s epicurean cuisine and understands both “Inshallah” and being “wild since the rabbi cut it”. Bronson is equally at home in Flushing, Queens, as he is at a fashion show promoting his perfume, and he’s someone who remembers Yankee Stadium shaking when Joe Girardi hit his hat-trick in Game 6 of the 1996 World Series. Watching Bronson go to several restaurants in search of the best cuisines prepared by the most resourceful chefs in town, I see a man who was born for it. He speaks their language; the food connoisseur who raps and the rapper who knows the most exotic foods. It’s as if Anthony Bourdain moonlighted as a bouncer at the Starlets strip club.

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